The Hogan's main interest is the kids and learning how to be good parents.

Parenting - We have taken several parenting courses and we still our confused! 
We like this one though:


Computing - Patrick spent many years in the computer systems arena.  His current niche is mobile computing and making computers work on the Internet safely and privately.  I recommend you check out these sites to get the utility programs you may need to get your computer working quickly again, as well as privately and safely.

Stop Spyware or get Microsoft's Defender but Microsoft will validate your copy of Windows!

Keep your computer healthy my personal favourite is v7 of System Mechanic

Get a great antivirus program free. A great alternative to System Mechanic for registry and file cleanups is CCleaner. Did I say it was free? Although not free but well worth it is PerfectDisk to keep hard drives defragmented. It also includes a boottime defrag for system files that can't be defragged while Windows runs.

Investing and Money - I have a friend that makes good sense about how to manage your money and investments.  He has a newsletter that is free.

Money Talks is CKNW's popular daily money, realestate and investment show.

Genie likes? - When she's ready I'm sure she'll contribute

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