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God Bless You
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Welcome to another addition to our family's newsletter. As most of you know it has been a busy year for us Hogan's having started our second year at Adderley Street and very much enjoying this pleasant neigbourhood. The big events can be summarized as Jiwon's visit, Emily starts grade one, Genie and Patrick get married in the church, saying good-byes to Minjoo and Amy and a welcome to Sunny. Also near to home was Patrick's parent's 60th wedding anniversary!

Patrick continues to work as both a tutor and increasingly as a web developer and programmer, especially for his old boss, formerly with the Bank/Trust company Patrick worked at . It is nice to stay connected with the old guard where he spent so many years working. He also upgrading his skills which will launch a major new work opportunity with, you got it, my old boss. So the new year is looking good for both Patrick and Genie.

Matthew and Emily

Emily is enjoying grade one and has made many friends at school. She loves to be active so we have put her in an acrobat class with Matthew. She also takes tap-dancing where she recently took her first dance exam. Genie and Patrick are very proud of her progress in reading. She reads everyday and is even getting involved in teaching Matthew how to read and write. Often times she reads Matthew's storytime book while mom or dad read hers. It muses both mom and dad that her favourite stories come from our children's Bible.

  We Got Married!  

Patrick and Genie got married in the church on November 25th. Later that day it snowed and snowed. The next day, more snow and then more again the next day. Keep the snow bit in mind for later. Well it was a great little wedding for us and we especially enjoyed having our friends over to help us celebrate. To all of you dear friends, thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your warm and loving presence and thoughtful gifts. Our home feels blessed in more ways than one.

Now, about all that snow. Apparently, westerners have no idea about the significance of snow occurring on your wedding day. According to legend and traditional Asian wisdom, such occurrences are thought to bring good fortune. In my books that spells money. If the snow level was any indicator we should be getting along just fine in the future. So while the snow may have been an inconvenience to many of you, it was ever so sweet to us, and of course all the kids love the snow, legends notwithstanding.

The Hogan Family has wed







Matthew is also going concern. While still attending preschool he has found it to be a highlight each and every day he goes. Matthew and Emily both learned to ride their bicycles without the training wheels. Actually they both learned about the same time last winter. Matthew loves riding, skateboards and well anything with wheels really. Matthew is discovering his own identity and happily finds his own center focused on his own activities. But he also plays well with others so we never worry unless the play is with Emily... sometimes Emily's forthright, single-purposed, agenda setting style creates a little friction with Matthew. In the end they are inseparable siblings looking out for each other at most turns in the road. We are blessed.

Matthew, Sunny(behind), Emily, Juhee

Genie is turning into a great mom. She seems tired at times but she continues to be a full contact mom who reaches out to them and her friends helping and being helped. Her studies in early childhood education continue at Capilano College. Though demanding, she enjoys the program immensely and has developed great friends in the process. She leads the charge in our homestay effort to bring a sense of home to young girls from Korea. She manages to balance so many responsibilities and instead of wearing down she is building up greater strength both physically and emotionally. Genie is also preparing her game plan for opening a home daycare business! The launch date is expected to be early spring. We are both excited about that.

In the new year we also plan on expanding our social life (what a concept) and get the kids on the slopes and travel a bit more. Great goals God willing.

May all your dreams bless your future and with God at our side may we all find our purpose.

Love from Patrick, Genie, Emily and Matthew
Home sweet home: