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Our 2003 Photo Gallery

To see our Christmas 2003 gallery click here  and our Korea Photos click here

Not many pictures here because I hadn't a digital camera yet. In keeping with the time frame organization of this site I confess that no further pictures will be added to the 2003 page. Please see the succeeding years for more pictures  Also there are a great number of excellent pictures taken in Korea which have been added to this site.  Thanks for visiting. 

Summer at Tanager Plc

Emily & Matthew

Emily's birthday

Emily the Flower Girl

Kevin & Quan's wedding

Emily as summer girl

Emily is three

Emily is a clown

Emily ponders a good book

Matthew in big shoes

Matthew's favourite pass time filling Daddy's shoes.

He' doing fine.

Emily poses as summer girl

Father and Son

Matthew is 1 year old

Emily in the sun

A playful moment with Mom

Matthew during quiet moment

Genie's birthday

Mother and Son

A quiet moment

Kevin & Quan's wedding

Matthew's biggest smile

Dinner at the Hogan's

Look way up ... Matthew

Patrick's favourite

Daddy's Girl

Birthday for Rayna (1 year old)

Sayuri, Peng (right) Patrick and Matthew (left)

and Norika top with Sumin and Sun (left-right)

A Cates Park outing

Electric hair Matthew!

Emily's best hug

The Big Pink Rabbit

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