A warm moment

This one was caught by the photo committee member at the pre school. Nice work!

Standing tall at Pre School.

Wait 'till Matthew shows up in January!

Pre School has been great for Emily

Emily is doing well at PreSchool

Her class photo for 2004

Matthew at the Patch before Halloween

Emily at the Patch

Pumpkin Patch 2004

Emily in the dance and on the floor

Jong-hee our new homestay with kids

Matthew on beach patrol

Matthew enjoying the sun at Deep Cove

Deep Cove is a favourite summer hang out for all of us.

Emily is starting to pump on her own.

Emily is passionate about dance

Lions Bay dip

Matthew seems to like sand

Lions Bay dip

Emily kayaked this day

Lions Bay Park

They agreed to pose

A rare moment these days

Matthew being Matthew

Matthew eating methods

Okay it has chocolate icing

Matthew and cakes

We like this one of Matthew

Matthew tunneling