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Our Newsletter for 2009 plus the year in Photos! Notice our family crest click here?



    Four years back in North Vancouver and very settled in here. The times have changed, the economy has gone south on us and yet we manage to learn, love and see a brighter future. Our family photo is not the slick professional photo we had last. We'll get to that but for now I love the shot we made last Easter (2008) at Dad's home. Amy is with us and has sadly left us again to return home to Korea. This past year has been a good one despite what is happening around us. Our annual newsletter is found here. Please visit our photo galleries found in the main menu to the left.

    Two years ago our family paid our last respects to Patrick's mom Rita Hogan, who died January 29th 2006 at the age of 85. Though ailing with heart problems we had so much expected her to beat this once again. Patrick's dad is finding new life in a strange new world for him. He is continuing to do well considering his tragedy. With his faith, family and his many dear friends we all hope he continues to grow and his new life without her at his side. God bless them both.

IN LOVING MEMORY OF RITA HOGAN - She is sorely missed.

Leo & Rita Hogan



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This years Christmas Newsletter is found here.

Most of our photo albums are now on Picasa Photo Albums provided by Google. To get to the main galley select Photo Gallery then Family Albums from the menu to the left. It represents a small part of our collection but most of the good ones are included I hope you enjoy a few of them.

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Trudels Adventure Album Trudel's Napsak Family Albums
Alisha & Adaline birth gallery

Roger's mountain terk on Van Isle  Cutting ceremony 

Roger treks.. while Pat & Genie cuts





Our Family Albums




Good Friends     

LeoFest 2006 featured a balloon ride and carnival. The kids had a ball thanks to realtor Leo Bruneau and his team.


Jiwon and Haisoo, Genie's sister and her niece came from Korea to visit our family for 6 great weeks summer of '06.


Pictures from Korea.  Some great ones taken back in the fall of '04

Young-Suk, Jong-Hoon and daughter Ju-Hee had return to Korea for a while.  They have returned though Jong-Hoon will return to Korea soon.  Below is their new arrival!  Chan-Woo was born June 16th 2005 in Lionsgate Hospital.  He continues to be a healthy boy who takes after his Dad.  Jong-Hoon's mother is seen beside her in the hospital. Chan-Woo is now walking with a big smile. Checkout the gallery.

Our friend Emu Goto, a professional photographer has been so kind to photograph our wedding (November 25th, 2006) She takes wonderful pictures. Please check out her web site.

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