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A Big Season's Greetings to All

Merry Christmas from the Hogans. Every year it seems that we all have dreamed of new beginnings and things coming around. Well a few dreams are unfolding thanks to family on both sides. After a year in Coquitlam we have moved back to North Vancouver where we have taken possession of our dream house that we will happily raise the kids in.

Genie has started on a new career path enrolled at Capilano College in the Early Childhood Education Program. She hopes to complete the course work and practicum within two and half years. She is very busy with the kids and continues to be a home-stay mom to a house full.
Patrick is continuing his tutoring business with a full slate of students. He is also very busy with renovations and thrilled to have a big workshop to stage his projects. Keeping busy with his former career in computers has added diversity and keeps the skills current. He just needs to get more sleep.
Our longterm homestay Minjoo with Matthew and Patrick




Emily is a going concern in her first year at elementary school. At first she was asking if she had to keep going back to school each day. Yes, she had separation anxiety that continues at night insisting that she can’t sleep alone despite Matthews presence nearby. Well that was then, she is now having a great time at school and her teacher is very pleased with her progress. But how does she know about compound words? What are they teaching in Kindergarten these days? I keep expecting she’ll come home with her first algebra lesson before Christmas!

Matthew is becoming a chatter box with an endless monologue for all to enjoy. He wishes he could go to school everyday and looks to Emily for the latest cool games to play (not computer games though). He loves sporty things and tries to keep up with Emily’s constant activity. For Matthew everything cool gets the response, “Oh, cool!”

Our website is still out of date but we have a new digital camera and lots of new photos so we’ll be updating over the next few weeks.

We all want to wish the warmest of regards for a healthy and wonderful Christmas and may the New Year bring joy with dreams coming true despite the turmoil that seems to shroud our planet each day. Isn't life mostly an attitude? One can only hope that ours is the one that brings success and God’s good graces.

God bless and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours and a rich and rewarding New Year to follow.

Love from Patrick, Genie, Emily and Matthew
Home sweet home: