Photos 2006



Leofest 2006 in Coquitlam

Our realtor hosts a grand festival for all his old and new clients every year!


Matthew brooding

Emily the cool

Emily the cooler

Family with sister Jiwon and daugther HeSou and Amy

Jiwon and Genie

Family with Jiwon & HeSou

Last day in Canada

Family at home

Jiwon's last day makes sad faces

Lynn Canyon hike - Mat & Emily

Sunny family with kids - Lynn Canyon suspension bridge


I'm good


Am I really?

Sunny's family

Cypress Bowl lookout

Emily the student

Grade One

Erin's birthday with all our kids



Family with Grampa and Gerry & Linda

Thanks Giving

Genie at the Pumpkin Patch

Mat, Christine, Emily and Jenny

Pumpkin Patch

Emily and Mat

Downhill bike trails on the northshore

Emily & Mat on the downhill

Andre with Amy and Sunny

Kroecher's Halloween Party

Young-Suk with kids

Trick or Treat 06

Kids and crafts

Farewell to Amy

Amy right, Genie and Sunny left

Farewell to Amy

Patrick with Sunny and Amy

Tobogganing with the kids

The big snow 06

Sunny & Mat going down

Matthew learning to skate

Matthew listening

Learning to skate 06

Matthew enjoying the beach

Ambelside Park on a great day

Matthew on the run

Ambelside Beach

Matthew in his element

Ambelside Beach

Summer at the Lynn River

Lego World at Science World

Good form Matthew!

Matthew on his new skateboard

Matthew with friend

The beach at Lions Bay

Very proud of their Gingerbread House

Concert Night

Teacher Elizabeth with Sunny

Sunny after her performance

Sunny performing at the Christmas Concert

Emily in the Christmas Concert

Brookbank School Concert

Centennial Theatre