Photos 2005



Christmas and Fall season photos are below but we discovered a roll of film that was old and it has some cute Christmas shots of one and two years ago!

Actually taken in December 2004 but a nice start to the year

Hogan's Family Portrait Dec 2004

Matthew at 1 is a little nervous about Santa

Emily revels in the christmas spirit - 2003

Matthew about to scream for help - poor Santa...poor Matthew

Matthew learning to fly by Dan principles

San and Dan play with a very young Matthew

Matthew while pensive shows courage to Emily's "not another photo"

Matthew leaning on things

Matthew more leaning

Another Portrait Dec 2004

Patrick busy with renos

Matthew, Minjoo and Emily at Brookbank School

Patrick Matthew and Minjoo

Emily and Matthew at Ron Andrews Park

Minjoo and Emily on the bar

Matthew on a slide

Minjoo Matthew and Patrick

Guess who's taking the photo?

Matthew knocking them dead

Matthew is definetly having fun at Science World

Emily on the ball

Emily and Matthew looking cute

The Trio at Science World

Matthew in a pensive moment

Matthew -- don't interrupt me

Ferry at play

I'm not listening...

Aren't we cute.. Emily and Juhee

Matthew and Emily playing well

Sleep over

I'm a princess on edge...

Matthew and Emily being quiet

I can climb too...

I'm a model too...

Minjoo .. Hi!

Emily doing her Kindergarten presentation

Daddy was so proud... tears....

Emily can write...her name

I can act...

I make snowman too...

I can hide in the dark... watch me..

Park and Tiford and me...

Genie and kids with Minjoo and Yukiko

Storytime with kids