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It's true. After 8 wonderful years of marriage and two great kids to show for it we have gotten married again! Why? The first time we married back in November 1st 1998 we were in a hurry to start our lives together and to get Genie officially landed in Canada. We had always planned to have a more formal wedding but time seemed to get in the way and the years past. We decided to stop putting off a real church wedding and receive the blessings of our faith. By marrying in the Catholic Church we have received the Sacrament of Marriage which we both hold dear to our faith.

We really couldn't afford a big wedding but we did want to share a celebration with our family and closest friends so we invited everyone to our home after the ceremony to celebrate our renewed vows and to also declare a house warming party which was also overdue.

My oh my, how time flies with two young kids, homestays, tutoring, programming and house renos. One day we'll even fit a holiday in, but for now we're excited to have renewed our vows and make it real.


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