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The Hogan Family was created back on the first day of November 1998.  For Genie it was a big step away from her family and homeland.  For Patrick it was a restart to his life and the awakening of the family spirit to raise children with a woman he dearly loves.  Like all families before we weren't given a manual or warranty with our beautiful children but God has indeed blessed us with two wonderful kids in Emily Ye-won and Matthew Jeune-won. 

We liked Coquitlam but love the Northshore and are happily adjusting to our wonderful new home in North Vancouver.  But the debate has stopped as to where we would build our next nest if finances were there for us to live wherever we chose - the choice has been made and we our ecstatic to be back in North Vancouver.

We have emerged from Patrick's career struggles that were born from the downturn in the economy and especially the high-tech industry .  The Phoenix has risen from the flames of change and opportunity.  Stay tuned as these events unfold.  Genie is also preparing her career goals and getting set for some big changes in her life respecting education and career.  The year 2007 will go down big for the Hogans.  It will be the year we finally settled into long term plans having bought a house the year before that fits into those plans.  Genie is currently enjoying being a student again; attending Capilano College in the Early Childhood Education Program.  Genie continues to research big plans for a homestay business that extends beyond the confines of our modest home. Patrick's full time return to the computer world as a programmer has him very busy and rather cozy in his new office in the back yard studio/workshop. We feel blessed to have had these fortunes work on our side. We thank God for his many blessings.


By the way, the coat-of-arms located at the top corner above the menu links is a modified version of the traditional coat of arms of the ancient Hogan clan.  The Hogan clan dates back 4000 years to the first thirty clans that occupied the Isle of Erie (Ireland). Many Hogans lost their lives during the purges of Cromwell's dictatorship of England during the middle ages (1642-49). The coat of arms shown has added items that include the flag of Korea symbolizing Genie's roots (center), the two shamrocks which symbolize good fortune for our two children and connects to the patron saint of St. Patrick (left and right side) and lastly the red crescent (bottom) is the traditional symbol of the second son (that's Patrick).  The black background of the shield symbolizes suffering and the rings symbolize fidelity and the gold coloured bar symbolizes generosity.  The design of the shield (a thick band across the top) is that of a chieftain, symbolizing wisdom and authority.  Gee that sounds cool.  To find out your heraldry background (assuming a European family name) checkout http://www.irishsurnames.com/ .  It includes more than Irish surnames.