It seems that everyone has their favourite sites but why would ours be interesting to you?  Wouldn't you already have your favourite sites saved?  Then why would we bore you with our favourite sites?  Anyway, our favourites are pretty much our own business but if you are interested in staying connected with Korean friends (Genie) or the NHL scoreboard (Patrick) or Barbie dolls (Emily) or Buses (Matthew) then knock yourself out!

Our friend's sites are also must sees for you as well.

Okay here are a couple more favourites to satisfy the requirements of a truly complete web site!

  • Personal favourite from our home page "From the Wilderness" you can spend a day there.
    • Michael Ruppert led the charge on this site, but has recently retired from active, frontline work because attempts on his life have put him in hospital (poisoning) and the site and the organization are threatened with bankruptcy, nevertheless the site is huge and contains a wealth of valuable information from numerous writers.
  • Our dear friend Trudel Kroecher has created a very cool site to feature her and husband Andre's adventures along with their friends.  Need a web designer look no further.
  • What is Peace?  This beautiful site presents a short flash movie that sends a much needed message to the world.  Enjoy.  Thanks to Diana for forwarding this to me.  Their website is Peaceful Earth.
  • Postal Code Lookup  Okay this isn't exactly a favourite but it comes in handy sometimes.
  • Universal Currency converter.  All you need to quickly convert any currency to another.  Up-to-date with the NYSE.
  • Expedia.com
    • When I find an alternative travel agent I'll update this one.
    • This one is free.
  • Need a complete dictionary?


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